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Affiliate Marketing Mistakes you should avoid!

Avoid Affiliate Marketing mistakes and earn big money!
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Affiliate Marketing Mistakes

There is no doubt that you can make money with affiliate marketing. Some of the super affiliates earn thousands every month. But these people are certainly in the minority. Most affiliate marketers do not make a lot of money (if any) because they keep making mistakes. If you want to succeed then you need to avoid these X mistakes.

Affiliate marketing appeals to a lot of people because they do not have to create their own products or services and there is no customer support involved. But the truth is that it is pretty easy to get involved and not so easy to be successful with it. You will improve your chance of success if you avoid the mistakes that most affiliates make.

1. Not getting enough Traffic

You need traffic to make an online business succeed and affiliate marketing is no exception. If you do not get a sufficient amount of visitors to your promotions then you will not make a lot of commissions. You have to focus on driving traffic and use a number of different ways to achieve this.

A lot of people make the mistake of relying on only one traffic source. They write a review about a product or service and optimize it for search engines. Their review lands on the first page of Google and they think that this is enough. This is rarely the case. Even if you hold top spot you can always generate more traffic.

Here are some ideas for traffic generation:

  • Content marketing – add content to your blog and distribute content on social platforms
  • SEO – optimize your offer pages (reviews etc) for search traffic
  • Guest blogging – create quality content and guest post on related high traffic blogs
  • Social media – post valuable content on a regular basis
  • Paid advertising – invest in traffic for your affiliate offers
  • YouTube – create videos to drive traffic to your offers

Always think traffic. Aim to increase the amount of traffic to your affiliate offers every month. The more traffic that you get the more commissions you will make – it is that simple. Focus on traffic generation and you will experience greater success.

2. Failure to build an Email List

Another great source of traffic is email marketing. But many affiliate marketers do not build an email list. There may be a number of reasons for this but none of them should prevent you from developing an email list.

With an email list, you can generate instant traffic. You can also promote other related offers for even more commissions. When other traffic generation methods do not deliver (such as SEO and YouTube videos) you can always rely upon your email list.

There is some work involved in building an email list but you can capture the email addresses of a lot of your visitors if you are smart. You need to bear in mind that people are reluctant to join email lists because they know that they will receive a lot of promotional emails. Give them a good reason to subscribe by creating a valuable incentive:

  • Insider guide that provides hard to find information
  • A report on how to solve a problem in the niche
  • How to training video
  • Discount offer

All successful affiliates have an email list. You will need to subscribe to an autoresponder service so that you can send out automated emails. Make you’re opt-in form visible on all of the pages of your blog or website. The money really is in the list. If you have a large enough email list then you can make a significant affiliate income with this alone; Keep in mind that your digital marketing efforts do matter.

3. Choosing the wrong offers to promote

We do not recommend that you focus purely on the amount of money that you can make with affiliate marketing but we will say this. It takes the same amount of time, effort, and money to promote a low commission offer as it does a high commission offer; Despite this, so many affiliates promote offers that have very low commissions.

The other important area is quality. Unfortunately, there are a lot of inferior products and services out there that offer affiliate opportunities. If you promote poor quality products then any customers that make a purchase will not trust your recommendations in the future. You also need to be comfortable with the offers that you promote so consider these points:

  • Purchase or obtain the product you are promoting
  • Choose a niche where there are buyers and you are happy to operate in
  • Does the product solve a problem for your market?
  • Does the offer have good earnings per click (EPC)?
  • Are the refunds at a low level?
  • Does the vendor have a good reputation?
  • Will you get good support from the vendor?

If you can get involved in a niche that you are passionate about then do this. Always choose niches that you can write a lot about on your website. Never choose an offer that has a high refund rate. This is indicative of poor quality and your reputation will take a nosedive.

4. Not taking your Affiliate Business seriously

If you don’t take your affiliate marketing business seriously then you will never make a lot of money. It is easy to get involved in affiliate marketing for free but if you do not invest time, money, and effort into your business then you will fail.

Invest money in your business by doing the following:

  • Invest in a domain name and web hosting
  • Use an autoresponder service to build your list
  • Pay for traffic to test your offers
  • Reinvest any profits into your business
  • Invest in tools that will help to develop your business

Just because you can promote affiliate offers using free blog platforms does not mean that you should do it. If your visitors see that you cannot be bothered to invest in a domain name and hosting why should they purchase anything that you recommend?

5. Trying to use selling tactics too much

OK, we get it you want to make as many commissions as possible. But a lot of affiliate marketers try to sell their offers too hard and this hardly ever works. The best approach is to help people with their problems. Your visitors will appreciate the fact that you are trying to do this and are more likely to purchase what you recommend.

Reviews are a good way to make commissions if written properly. People like to know about the experiences of others before they make a purchase. A review that just lists the features of a product is useless. The visitor can get this from the vendor’s website.

You need to tell people what’s in it for them with a review. What is good and what is bad. Write your reviews so that they appear unbiased or your visitors will go elsewhere. No product or service is perfect. Get your hands on the product that you are promoting so that you can really understand everything about it.

6. Believing the grass is always greener

There are always new affiliate offers available and it is very easy to believe that they are better than the ones you are currently promoting. Many affiliate marketers jump from one affiliate offer to the next because they believe that the grass is greener. You need to avoid these shiny new objects and focus.

Be consistent with your promotions. If you are doing well with one affiliate offer then promote it more. You need to test and track everything. Jumping onto a new affiliate offer is rarely the answer, and you may make affiliate marketing mistakes that will simply need to fix, and these types of mistakes will stun your growth.

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