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10 Effective Ways To Recruit Super Affiliates!

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Everyone wants to recruit super affiliates to their program or launch. But have you ever considered what the term “super affiliate” actually means? If you search Google for a definition you will find quite a few variations. We believe that super affiliates have 3 main qualities which are:

  1. Reach
  2. Skills
  3. Consistency

Let’s take a look at each of these in turn.


Why do you want to recruit super affiliates for your offer? A lot of people will tell you that it is because they have a very large reach. Everyone dreams of finding a super affiliate that has an email marketing list of hundreds of thousands of subscribers. They just see huge dollar signs when they think about this.

If you look at any successful product or service with an affiliate program you will likely find that around 3% to 5% of the affiliates are responsible for generating around 95% of sales. The main reason for this is that they have a large reach.

These super affiliates have built up a huge email list over the years. They will probably have a lot of followers on social media as well. Some of the people that follow these super affiliates will hang on their every word and purchase anything that they recommend. Here are some of the ways that they reach out to large numbers of people:

  • They have a huge email list
  • They are an “influencer” on social media with a lot of followers
  • They have a website in their niche that receives thousands of visitors every day
  • They have a membership site with thousands of members
  • They have a very strong reputation in the niche
  • People perceive them to be an expert in their niche
  • They have the skills and experience to create highly successful online ad campaigns

Some super affiliates have more than one of these things and a small number have all of them. They know how to connect with large numbers of people and influence them to follow their recommendations.

You will often see these super affiliates at the top of leader boards for products and services in your niche. At a minimum, they will be in the top 3. Once they decide that a product or service is worth promoting in terms of quality and the commissions offered they will use their extensive reach to make a significant number of sales.


Super affiliates have acquired the right skills over the years. They take their affiliate marketing business seriously which most affiliates do not. Super affiliates have invested in their education and are always willing to learn new methods if they see them as a good fit.

There are some affiliate marketers out there that have made a lot of money but they do not have the skills to do this consistently. You can find affiliates that are experts in a particular traffic source, but if this dries up for any reason then they will lose everything.

A classic example of this is article marketing. Rewind a few years and there were many high earning affiliates using article directories as their main source of traffic. In those days it was not difficult to write a mediocre article on a site like and rank this on the first page of Google for some high search traffic keywords.

There were other article directories that could generate a lot of traffic to articles as well because they would rank high in the search engines. But all of this changed when Google radically changed its search algorithm. It considered these article sites as “spammy” and their rankings dropped like a stone.

And so did the commissions of the affiliates that relied on them.

Another example was affiliates that we’re able to easily rank their web pages on Google using questionable search engine optimization (SEO) techniques. With the algorithm changes, their pages just disappeared from the search results. There was a big outcry about this at the time but Google didn’t care (and never will).

A lot of affiliates that relied on these methods simply fell by the wayside. Others found new ways to generate traffic to their offers. Social media was growing in popularity at around the same time so they learned new skills to develop large followings. They also learned how to create effective ad campaigns using:

  • Pay per click (PPC) ads offered by Google Adwords, Microsoft Ads, etc
  • Social media ads from Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc
  • Native ads on high traffic news sites etc
  • Banner ads on niche related blogs

They invested in their education here and learned how to create winning ads. These super affiliates became masters at optimizing ad campaigns and split testing. They tested everything and found what worked and what didn’t. These skills were invaluable to them and enabled them to achieve super affiliate status.


The best super affiliates are consistent. Affiliate marketing has its fair share of good times and bad times like other industries do. If the going is good then it is a lot easier to make a significant amount of commissions without a lot of effort. Even rookies can do it. But how about when the going gets rough? Only the true super affiliates will shine here.

Genuine super affiliates continue to earn significant commissions regardless of market conditions. They will find the best way to do this and if this means that they need to find new offers that are in demand then they will do that.

The best super affiliates do not get complacent over their campaigns. They know that things can change at any time and that it is not enough to “set and forget” their affiliate campaigns. The consistent super affiliate will always be looking for ways to maximize their campaigns by making tweaks to landing pages, ad copy, and so on.

One thing that these super affiliates are very aware of is that there is always competition for the best converting offers. If they get complacent they can drop on the leader boards and lose a lot of money in the process. You want the most consistent super affiliates to promote your offers. They will want to achieve the maximum amount of sales possible. They do this by:

  • Taking consistent action regardless of market conditions
  • Continuously testing and modifying their affiliate campaigns
  • Looking for new ways to promote existing offers

You will never hear the top super affiliates complaining about the economy and market conditions. They are too busy looking for ways that they can maximize their campaigns. Great super affiliates see opportunities in every situation and work consistently to turn these to their advantage.

The Challenges of Recruiting Superstar Affiliates

Have you ever heard so-called “experts” say that there is “an army of affiliates out there that want to promote your product or service”? This is not true at all. Finding super affiliates to promote your offers is never a matter of just “building it and they will come”. Anyone that thinks this is living in a fantasy world and will never attract super-affiliates.

Another fantasy is that all you have to do when you are ready to find super affiliates for your products and services is to announce that your affiliate program is available. This is never enough and you need to do a lot more than this to attract the right people.

Always bear these things in mind when you are trying to recruit super affiliates:

  • They don’t care about you or your offer – they are only interested in what’s in it for them
  • They have so many choices
  • They are busy people that are running their businesses so you need to follow up
  • They are difficult to win over

You need to accept that all affiliates (including super affiliates) have thousands of affiliate opportunities available to them every day. Most super affiliates receive approaches each day and reject most of them.

The Challenges of Recruiting Superstar Affiliates

You Must Stand Out from the rest

So what do you need to do? The answer is that you need to make promoting your product or service stand out from all the rest. You have to convince super affiliates that your offer is far superior to the others that they are approached about. Your commission plan is better, the quality of your product is better, your conversions are higher, etc.

This is not easy to do. You must establish trust with potential super affiliates. This will take time and most people do not want to wait. Some super affiliates will not agree to promote your offers the first time around. Others will say that they will promote for you and then not get around to doing this because something else consumed their time and focus.

You have to Follow Up

Follow up is essential here. If they said “no” the first time do not accept this as their final answer. After a super affiliate has agreed to promote your offer then follow up with them to ensure that they are doing this. Be prepared to provide any help and support that they need.

Put yourself in the shoes of the top super affiliates. People are always approaching them to promote their offers. So what would you do in this situation? You would probably take a cautious approach. You would need a process to filter out the approaches made because you cannot promote all of these offers.

So always assume that super affiliates have some form of filtering system in place (they will need this to just stay sane!). Your job is to grab the attention of the super affiliate you are approaching in such a way that you easily get through the filter.

You Must Educate potential Super Affiliates

You Must Educate potential Super Affiliates

You need to convince them that promoting your offer is the best use of their time. Also, you need to make everything as easy as possible for them so that they have everything that they need to get started.

Tell potential super affiliates how your offer is relevant to their audience and explain why it is a really good fit. Always assume that the affiliates that you approach know nothing about your offer. You will find this to be true most of the time anyway. Even if they have heard of you and your offer you need to educate them about it.

You need to decide which Super Affiliates to approach

Just as super affiliates are very choosy about what affiliate offers they promote, you need to be choosy about the type of super affiliates that you approach. In the Internet marketing or make money online niche, several super affiliates will promote “miracle” products.

Unfortunately, there are some product vendors in this niche selling “push-button” solutions that claim their customers do not have to work very much to make huge amounts of money. These products are selling unrealistic dreams and are usually worthless. They con their customers with false promises and “upsells” that never deliver.

Do you want to be associated with super affiliates that promote these kinds of offers? Some super affiliates specialize in promoting this junk because they know that they will sell in large quantities and that they will make a lot of commissions. There are often very attractive prizes for finishing high on leader boards for these types of products as well.

Associating yourself with these kinds of super affiliates can damage your reputation in the market. These super affiliates usually create these garbage products themselves as well as promote others, and they will expect you to promote their stuff as part of the deal.

So you need to think carefully about the image that you want to portray to your target market. If you know that a super affiliate likes to deal in the world of hype then you will probably want to avoid them. Just focus on those that you know are credible and only promote high-quality offers.

It makes sense to narrow your focus anyway. Having more affiliates for your offers is not necessarily a good thing. You should always target super affiliates that you know will enhance your reputation (as well as your sales) rather than opening the door to everyone.

10 Effective Ways to Recruit Superstar Affiliates

OK so now you are aware of the challenges that you face trying to recruit super affiliates it is time to look at the 10 effective ways that you can do this. You will need to first identify the super affiliates that you would like to approach.

1. Identify already Proven Super Affiliates

The reason that this is so important is that these people are already committed to affiliate marketing. They fully understand the concept and what it has to offer. Not only that, but they have the experience that you need to make your offer a success. You will not have to sell these people on the concept of affiliate marketing – they already get it.

What you will have to do is to convince them about your offer. You will have to prove that your offer is in demand and does what it claims. Test your sales pages and video sales letters first to prove that they convert. No super affiliate worth their weight in gold is going to want to promote an untested offer.

You need to know your conversion numbers. All good super affiliates will want to know this. When you have a high converting offer that provides a significant commission to those that promote it you are certain to attract the attention of any super affiliates you approach.

How can you find the right super affiliates for your offer? One of the best ways to do this is to take a look at the products and services offered by your competitors and see who is promoting them (assuming that they have an affiliate program of course).

Just use Google or another search engine to find the affiliate programs of your competitors and then see who is promoting their offers. You may have to sign up as an affiliate yourself to find this information. Sometimes they will talk about their top affiliates directly on their affiliate pages.

2. Make your Offer Irresistible

We have already discussed testing your offer for conversions and making super affiliates aware of these great numbers. There are other things that you can do to make your offer stand out to them as well.

If you are approaching a super affiliate that promotes the offers of your competitors then find out what their commission plan is and offer higher commissions. So if they are paying their affiliates 30% across the entire sales funnel then decide to pay your affiliates 50% for example.

Focus on the number of potential sales you can make here rather than the revenue you will lose. If you have to offer 75% commissions to be more attractive than competing offers then do this as it will be instantly more attractive to the super affiliates that promote the other offers.

You could offer very high commissions on the front end to attract super-affiliates and offer them 50% on the rest of your funnel as an example. These guys will be finding new customers for you that you can promote to directly with new offers etc. Taking the long term view is always better and should help you to make a lot more sales in the future.

Give your super affiliates an incentive to top your leader board. Offer cash prizes or something valuable such as laptops, mobile devices, and so on. Yes, this will cost you money, but consider it a worthwhile investment in your business to attract the best super affiliates.

You could run quarterly leader board contests for example. The top 3 affiliates will receive valuable prizes. Work out the numbers and provide valuable incentives. You will only be giving these to the top 3 affiliates each quarter. Add a stipulation that the affiliates must achieve a minimum sales volume to be eligible for the prizes.

Provide Affiliate Resources that will help Super Affiliates

3. Provide Affiliate Resources that will help Super Affiliates

Helping your super affiliates to sell more is a win-win situation. Most people know this but do not take it as seriously as they should. You need to show potential super affiliates that you have a wealth of tools and resources available that will help them to make more commissions. Here are some of the things that you should consider including:

  • Email swipes that convert – these will have subject lines that receive high open rates and persuasive body text to encourage high click-through rates (CTR)
  • Informative articles that they can modify to make unique and then publish on their high traffic websites/blogs
  • Proven ads for social media
  • Keyword list with high converting keywords for PPC campaigns and SEO
  • Product or service high-resolution images
  • Videos for ad campaigns that convert
  • Frequently asked questions (FAQ) about your offer

This is a lot of work but the more effort that you put into your affiliate resources the better. A lot of people will avoid doing this because they don’t want to spend the time, money, and effort on it. This is great news for you as it will make your offer much more attractive to super affiliates.

Be prepared to invest in your offers. Spend money testing sales pages and sales videos, broadcast emails, and email sequences, social media ad campaigns, PPC campaigns, etc so that you can present your potential super affiliates with a proven set of affiliate resources. They will expect this to be available so make sure that it is.

Build a Relationship with Super Affiliates

4. Build a Relationship with Super Affiliates

There are several ways that you can do this. Find out where they hang out and make yourself visible to them. Don’t be too direct here – you do not want to comment on their blog by saying “nice post – I am Joe Smith and you need to promote my offer”. This is what all of the impatient losers do and super affiliates always ignore these types of comments.

You can leave comments on their blog but ensure that they add value. Comment on a post that they made and ask a question about it or suggest another way to achieve something. Find out which social media platforms the super affiliate uses and approach them that way. Again you do not want to just blurt out that you want them to promote your offer.

Here are some good tactics to use to build a relationship with a potential super affiliate:

  • Offer to write guest posts for their blog
  • Ask them if you can interview them about a specific subject that you know they are knowledgeable about
  • Add high-value comments to their blog posts – if they keep seeing your name in the comments then it will make a direct introduction easier

You want to position yourself as someone that is knowledgeable in the same niche and that has a lot to offer. It is certainly possible to do this without appearing to be desperate for them to promote your offer. Find out how to contact them via email once you have established a relationship.

Most of your competitors will not bother trying to build a relationship so grab the opportunity to do so with both hands. You only need a small number of super affiliates to make a significant impact on your sales. So it should not take you too long to identify them and start to build a relationship with them.

5. Network at Internet Marketing Events

There are many large scale Internet marketing events held across the world every year. Make it your business to attend some of these events as they are a great way to find and recruit super affiliates for your products and services. Meeting these people face to face is one of the best things that you can do.

Before attending an event, have a brief pitch prepared that you can use when you meet potential super affiliates. Do your homework before you go and target those super affiliates that you know operate in your niche.

When you meet them you can say something like “I have a new offer that is a perfect fit for your audience. My existing affiliates are experiencing awesome conversion rates. Would you like to know more about this?”

A statement like this will pique their curiosity and you will hook them when you mention “awesome conversion rates” as they live and die by this. You can also add in a sprinkling of “higher than average commissions” and “top leader board incentives” as well.

6. Look for Super Affiliates with Large Email Lists

Email marketing is still a great way to sell products and services despite what you may have heard to the contrary. Finding super affiliates in your niche that have a large number of newsletter subscribers is something that is fairly easy to do and could make you a fortune.

A simple way to do this is to use your favorite search engine and then type in “your niche + newsletter”. Sometimes there are directories available that provide details of niche newsletters and the approximate numbers of subscribers. If you have to pay for this information then it can be worth doing this.

Some super affiliates will have an email list of 50,000 or 100,000 or even more. Just think about how this could help your business. You could first approach these list owners to see if they will allow you to run an ad for your offer. They are going to ask you for details and you can then tell them about your generous commission plan and high conversion rates.

7. Study Advertisers in your Niche

There are many ways that super affiliates can advertise the offers they are promoting these days and the three most popular ways are:

  • PPC advertising (Google Adwords and Microsoft Ads)
  • Social media advertising (Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, Twitter Ads, etc)
  • Native ads

A lot of successful super affiliates spend a great deal of money on advertising. What you need to do is monitor the ads in your niche for a while and see which ones are running consistently. Super affiliates are not going to keep paying for ads if they are not working.

The super affiliates that run these ads will create landing pages to comply with the ad networks. If they use their own domain names to host these pages (which a lot will) then you can conduct a “who is” search to see who the domain owners are and then get their contact details.

Make things easy for Super Affiliates

8. Make things easy for Super Affiliates

After identifying the super affiliates that you want to target you can make things easy for them. Most people that are trying to recruit super affiliates will not even think about using this approach.

When you approach the super affiliate directly tell them that you have already signed them up for your affiliate program. Provide them with their unique affiliate link and their individual login information. Ask them to log in as soon as possible and update the information that is in their profile.

You will impress several potential super affiliates with this approach. Firstly it demonstrates that you are confident in your offer and that it will appeal to the super affiliate. Secondly, you will save them the time and hassle to sign up for your program.

What about taking this a step further? Provide them with an email that you know converts that they can send to their list immediately. Put in extra effort by personalizing the email for them and trying to emulate their email writing style. Tell them that they can make any edits that want to make it their own.

9. Get an Affiliate Manager

Do you have an affiliate manager for your program or plan to get one? If not then you should consider doing this if it is appropriate for your niche. There are good affiliate managers out there and it should be possible for you to find one that has connections in your niche.

A good affiliate manager will already know some of the super affiliates for your niche. They can help you to spread the word quickly and give you valuable advice on how to structure your program so that you can attract the right people.

10. Use more than one Affiliate Network

Some super affiliates have a preference when it comes to affiliate networks. If you are in the make money online niche then you can consider the following networks for example:

All of these networks have different rules and regulations and some will charge you to list your offer and some are free. Clickbank places restrictions on certain countries but Digistore 24 does not. Commission payment methods also vary from one network to another so do your homework here.

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